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We are developing a truly novel optoelectronic neurostimulator platform.
It incorporates numerous innovative aspects from the very latest advances in biomaterials, optical components, biosensors and microelectronics.


You won't feel it!

The non metallic housing takes advantage of our optical technology to reduce dramatically its size.
Thanks to that, it’s suitable for all kind of patients, including for pediatric use.

It’s free to scan, we got rid of the electrical wire !

The wires usually used to convey the electrical current to the electrodes are replaced by optical fibres.
This patented concept uses photovoltaic cells at the tip of the fibres to convert monochromatic optical energy to electrical impulses.
It now allows full body MRI diagnosis without any condition.

Contactless fast charging

Our stimulator includes an inductively rechargeable battery.
Or even battery-less with an ultra fast recharging option.
No additional surgery and unlimited lifetime!

It’s versatile & highly tunable!

We opened the “Black Box” and designed a product that provides highly tuneable stimulation
and sensing capabilities, allowing efficient and complex therapy. Learn more about our therapy improvement project

in a nutshell :

Pediatric use
MRI Safe
Extended life time
Fast charging
Highly tunable

Our vision for the future

At Synergia Medical, we are positioning ourselves in a growing neurostimulation market. The new field of bioelectronics is booming and is increasingly motivating our researchers and doctors.

Today we work on epilepsy, but we’re already looking one step ahead, aware that with this high-tech device we will be able to work on sleep apnea, depression, obesity, and many more diseases.

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